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Synthesis of pure phase BiFeO3 powders by direct thermal decomposition of metal nitrates 会议论文
, MALAYSIA, JUL 01-05, 2012
Authors:  Wang Lei;  XuJin-Bao;  GaoBo;  BianLiang;  ChenXue-Ying
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Magnetic Properties  Optical Properties  Ferrites  
Effect of Temperature on Decomposition of Magnesium Bicarbonate 会议论文
, Dalian, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 24-25, 2013
Authors:  LiYan;  WangXiaojun;  WuBin;  TangHongjian;  XieYuyu
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Magnesium Bicarbonate  Temperature  Decomposition Products  Chemical Composition  
A Novel Process to Synthesize NiCoMnO4 Nano-powder for NTC Electro-ceramics 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Xiamen, PEOPLES R CHINA, March 27, 2012 - March 29, 2012
Authors:  Wang Junhua;  Yao Jincheng;  Chen Zhaoyang;  Fan Yanwei;  Jia Dianzeng
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