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Thesis Advisor任迪远 、郭旗
Degree Grantor中国科学院研究生院
Place of Conferral北京
Degree Discipline微电子学与固体电子学
Keyword商用ccd 60coγ射线 电子束辐照 辐射损伤 敏感参数 评估方法

随着CCD(Charge-Coupled Devises)器件在空间观察和航天器姿态控制等方面应用的增加,人们开始关注空间辐射环境对CCD器件造成的损伤效应。空间环境主要包括银河宇宙辐射、Van. Allen辐射带和太阳粒子等。运行在航天器中的CCD器件由于受到辐射环境中各种粒子(如电子、质子、重粒子等)的轰击而引起辐射损伤(如电离损伤,位移效应等)。辐射损伤影响在轨航天器的正常工作,甚至导致器件失效。因此,非常有必要开展空间辐射环境中CCD器件的损伤效应和机理研究。本文基于东芝TCD1209D线阵CCD器件,开展了60Coγ射线和不同电子束能量辐照及其退火实验,着重考察了CCD的功耗电流、输出信号波形电压和光响应灵敏度等参数的变化。主要结论如下:通过γ射线不同剂量率辐照CCD及其退火实验结果表明:相同总剂量辐照下,受较高剂量率辐照的器件损伤效应更明显,损伤最为严重。在室温和100℃退火下,CCD参数的变化特征表明:电离辐射感生氧化物电荷以及界面态的生长是导致CCD参数退化的主要原因,而室温退火条件下参数的恢复具有明显的氧化物电荷退火特征,参数在较长时间的室温退火下再次退化,说明了界面态的生长在后期退火中占主导。此外,试验过程中观察到CCD辐射感生界面态具有“后生长”效应,以及CCD无低剂量率辐照增强效应。电子束能量辐照CCD及其退火实验的结果表明:能量越大的电子辐照CCD,引起参数衰退更严重。通过哑元信号电压和复位信号电压在退火过程中的行为特征,表明CCD的电子束辐照产生了电离辐射效应。1.8MeV电子能量辐照后的光响应灵敏度在退火下的变化特性,说明此能量辐照CCD产生了位移损伤效应。此外,通过相同吸收剂量下60Coγ射线和电子束辐照CCD的比较,也表明电子辐照具有明显的两种辐射损伤效应。在空间辐射环境的运用以及CCD辐射损伤评估方法上,可以通过考察哑元信号电压和复位栅极电压的变化来研究CCD的电离辐射损伤效应;而在电子辐照损伤的研究上,可以通过考察光响应灵敏度的变化来研究位移损伤效应。

Other Abstract

With the increments of CCD’s applying on Space Observation and Spacecraft Posture-Controlling, the radiation damage effects of CCD from space radiation circumstance has to be concerned. The main radiation environment in aerospace are contain galactic cosmic radiation, Van.allen radiation band, and solar particles irradiation. CCD operated in space circumstance will be bombarded from electrons, protons, heavy particles and so on, which can cause CCD’s radiation damage, such as ionizing radiation damage, displacement damage. Radiation damage can affect CCD’s normal function, even make it more worsen. And it’s essential to investigate the radiation damage effects and its mechanism of CCD. The experiments from γ-rays and electron irradiation and annealing on TOSHIBA TCD1209D linear CCD have been carried out in this paper. Power currents, out-put signal voltage and optical response sensitivity of CCD have been investigated. Conclusions of CCD radiation damage have been made as follows: Experiments on CCD from different gamma rays’ dose rate irradiation and annealing have been examined. It’s indicated that radiation damage from higher dose rate was more serious than lowers’ at the same total dose irradiation. Ionizing radiation induced oxide charge and the growth of interface state are the main reason for parameter’s degeneration under the annealing experiment. The fast recovery of parameter at room temperature annealing is caused by annealing of oxide charge. The degradation of parameter after a long time room temperature annealing is caused by regeneration of interface state. CCD’s γ irradiation has observed “late Nit effects”, and not has the Enhance Low Dose Rate Sensitivity (ELDRS). The results of experiment compared from Cobalt-60 and electron irradiation shows that CCD radiation damage effects from two radiation sources have some differences. CCD radiation damage from high energy electron is more serious than lower one. The annealing behavior of dummy output and reset signal voltage shows that electron irradiation on CCD has induced ionizing radiation effects. The annealing behavior of optical response sensitivity indicates that 1.8MeV electron irradiation has induced CCD’s displacement damage. The dummy output and reset signal voltage are more sensitivity to ionizing damage effects, and optical response sensitivity should be concerned with electron radiation damage researching. These three sensitive parameters of CCD should be investigated for CCD’s evaluation of space radiation damage.

Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
李鹏伟. CCD器件的辐射损伤效应及其机理研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院研究生院,2009.
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